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Amie Amis


Amie loves cucumbers. Do you understand, LOVES them!?!  It doesn't matter what time of day, she will always accept a cucumber or a pickle. Especially a cucumber sandwich for breakfast. Ok, now that you know the real Amie, read on for lots of bio stuff.

Acting Bio:

Amie studied Meisner, Stanislavski, and Chekhov, and comedy at the Peoples Improv Theater.  Since 2014, she has gained experience performing on stage in musicals (where she shows off her dancing and vocal skills) and plays, and performed with various sketch and improv troupes throughout New York City. She can also be seen in the award-winning webseries, Dyed in the Wool, and films, such as Perplexion.

Short Bio:

Amie was born in Los Angeles, and not many know that she had a pet chicken, Chip, who she loved dearly until her dad made her trade it in for a bunny. She is vegan, and gets passionate about cucumbers and Beethoven.

Music Bio:

Amie Margoles, originally from California, has been based in New York City as a professional French hornist for 20 years. She has had an extensive music career after taking two degrees in French horn performance. She has played in ensembles with Herbie Hancock, Diane Reeves, Diana Krall, Christian McBride, Shirley Horn, and Jay-Z, with Broadway pit orchestras for Phantom of the Opera and Wicked, and recorded for Jewel and Joan Osborne. Inspired by listening to Charles Mingus and Björk, she branched out into jazz and rock as a solo artist. Amie has released four albums of original music under Amie Amis, and worked as a composer and vocalist for films, In Time and Charline Odiot’s Amalgame.

More old Bios in smaller font, just in case you didn't get enough reading in:

Amie is a New York actor and musician. She has had an extensive music career after taking two degrees in French horn performance.  She has played in ensembles with Diana Krall, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, with Broadway pit orchestras, and recorded for Jewel, Joan Osborne, and Cobra Starship. As a solo artist, Amie has released four albums of original music, and composed and sang songs for films, In Time and Charline Odiot’s Amalgame.  

Amie released her 4th album in Feb '15! She marries jazz chords, the tangibility of 1960's rock and fun lyrics to create some of her finest work. Her biggest inspirations are the Monkees, Harry Nilsson, and Serge Gainsbourg.

Amie’s fun-loving, pixie-ish, personality is contagious as she moves around the stage shredding on French Horn, or strumming a ukulele, when not joyously singing catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head for days at a time... in a good way.


Amie's past work includes: Jay Z’s Radio City performance in 2006; was part of Kanye West’s touring band in 2007 after being in the orchestra for Josh Groban; and continues to perform regularly in Broadway pit orchestras for Wicked, and Phantom Of The Opera.  With The Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Amie performed with James Galway, Diana Krall, Shirley Horn, Diane Reeves, and Christian McBride at the Hollywood Bowl.  When she played in an orchestra with Herbie Hancock, conducted by Quincy Jones, she wished she hadn't been too shy to tell Herbie that they share the same birthday!


In the early days of Amie Amis’ band, they performed at CBGB’s, The Knitting Factory, Pianos, The Slipper Room, Spike Hill, Sugar Bar, Drom, Lit Lounge, Connolly’s Klub 45, and The National Underground, and more!.

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